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Chto delat Audit
Audit Company
Audit, IFRS, Consulting, Law, Accounting in Moscow

Audit, IFRS, Consulting, Law, Accounting in Moscow

The history of inception of Consulting Group "Chto Delat Konsult" comes back to the beginning of the 90-s of the last century. At present CG "Chto delat Konsult" is one of the largest association of consulting companies with a common development strategy, which fulfills its professional activity in the Russian Federation.
A high professional reputation of CG "Chto Delat Consult" can be proved by thousands of our clients with whom we have been working on a long-term basis.
According to "Expert" and "Profile" journals, our company has been holding leading positions in the ratings of most efficient Russian auditing companies since 2000. The quality of our work is also proved by a high share of prolonged agreements for audit servicing and growth of types and volumes of additional services.

Company "Chto Delat Audit" is included in the CG "Chto Delat Konsult" and specializes in providing audit and audit-related services.
Company "Chto Delat Audit" is the member of the Noncommercial Partnership "Auditing Chamber of Russia" (registration № 11401052804).
The company's professional activity is insured in PLC "AlfaStrakhovanie" which has a high level of reliability (A++). For the whole period of our company existence, there have been no insurance events (no presentation of valid claims for the quality of work done, nor any claim for amends).
Company "Chto Delat Audit" provides services for supporting your business in the following lines of activity:

  • provision of auditing services including financial audits and auditorial support;
  • provision of consulting services in accounting area, taxation and entrepreneurial law;
  • provision of legal services, settlement of property and tax disputes, representation and protection of interests in a court of arbitration;
  • provision of accounting services in bookkeeping, arranging and recovering accounting records.
Our employees have been thoroughly tested and possess a large working experience in the complicated conditions of the Russian legislation. The management and most experts of our company have a lengthy (more than 10 years) experience in auditing big companies in various economic sectors and posses deep knowledge for accounting, taxing, currency and civil legislation. The experience accumulated by our experts in the field of auditing scientific, design, production, construction, trading and other organizations has enabled them to systematize and generalize the knowledge covering the activity specificity of similar companies operating in the given sector of economy. The methods developed by us allow carrying out efficient and qualified audits, providing professional consultations with regard to a wide circle of problems associated with commercial activity, advising on settling disputes.
The experience and competence of our experts serve a basis for close cooperation with the leading Russian economic publications such as "Russian Tax Courier", "Consultant", "Accounting, Taxes, Law", "Accounting" and others.